EDI seminar with Kasey Wagoner: "Simons-NSBP Scholars Program"

Wed, Nov 17, 2021, 4:00 pm
Jadwin 407 (PCTS)
Department of Physics
Department of Astrophysics

Please join us for the first in-person installment of the Seminar Series on Equity, Diversity and Inclusion hosted by the Department of Physics and the Department of Astrophysics. Guest speaker, Kasey Wagoner, will discuss the Simons-NSBP Scholars Program. 
Refreshments (cider and donuts) will be served outside the PCTS seminar room starting at 3:30 pm.

The Simons-NSBP Scholars Program is a unique summer research program for undergraduate members of the National Society of Black Physicists. It started in the summer of 2020, and after two years it has some quantifiable successes. This talk will describe the program's goals, what's been done to meet those goals, and how close it has come to meeting those goals. If time permits, the future of the the program will be discussed.

Kasey Wagoner is a leader in the Simons Observatory's Engagement, Mentorship, and Climate Committee (EMC2). Through that he coordinated the team that developed and implemented the various aspects of the Simons-NSBP Scholars Program in 2020. He now serves as Director of the program and oversees all of its aspects.