Dicke Fellowship candidate seminar: Xanthe Croot, Univeristy of Sydney "Connecting the dots: the interactions and environment of electrons in zero dimensions"

Fri, Jan 12, 2018, 11:00 am
Jadwin A09

In a little over a century, quantum mechanics has progressed from a field in its infancy to a key driver of scientific discovery and technological innovation. An important application of quantum mechanics is the quantum computer, where superposition and entanglement in two-level systems enable new paradigms in algorithms and simulation.

Quantum information can be encoded in the spin and charge states of electrons in semiconductor quantum dots. While qubits in these zero-dimensional systems have exhibited long coherence times and excellent one and two-qubit operability, there remain challenges - namely, unwanted environmental coupling and issues of scalability. In this talk, I will discuss interactions between microwave-driven electrons in GaAs quantum dots and their phonon environment, which can lead to qubit population inversions and decoherence. Techniques for probing the charge environment of the qubit will also be explored, and I will briefly touch on scalable readout protocols. Finally, I will outline progress in an architecture designed to facilitate controllable coupling between separated qubits, an important outstanding challenge for the field.