Dark Cosmos Seminar - Machine Learning for Neutrino Cross Section Modeling - Joseph Henry - 4 PM

Nov 14, 2023, 4:00 pm5:30 pm
Jadwin Hall - Joseph Henry



Event Description

Cross-section predictions are crucial for the success of long-baseline neutrino experiments, but they suffer from significant theoretical uncertainties. Given the promise of future near detector data, one certainly expects and needs to utilize such data to improve cross-section modeling. We want to explore this idea to its fullest extent by constructing a cross-section model that is nearly devoid of theoretical assumptions and that maximizes the information extracted from the data. We propose using machine learning techniques to train a systematically improvable model of neutrino-nucleus scattering, employing DUNE near detector data. We demonstrate, using simulated data, that such a trained model can subsequently be used to perform an oscillation analysis. This introduces a complementary approach that could be extended to realistic experimental analyses and could further be used to validate and improve microscopic models of neutrino-nucleus cross sections.