Condensed Matter Seminar | Mikhail I. Eremets, Max Planck | "Progress in high-temperature conventional superconductivity" PCTS Seminar Room 407

Fri, Feb 28, 2020, 11:45 am
PCTS Seminar Room 407

We studied the state of matter under extreme conditions and found new phenomena and materials, including polymeric nitrogen, transparent sodium, semimetallic hydrogen, and superconductivy in various substances. Room-temperature superconductivity is becoming realistic given dramatic progress in conventional superconductivity: the critical temperature is Tc =203 K in H3S under high pressures of about 150 GPa1. We found even higher, nearly room temperature superconductivity in superhydride LaH102,3 with Tc  250 K, following the theoretical predictions4,5. This and yttrium and calcium superhydrides can be considered as a close realization of metallic hydrogen6.

We will discuss prospects for further increase of Tc to room temperature, which naturally is expecting for hydrides at high pressures. We will present recent studies on YHx and other compounds that are considered as potential room-temperature superconductors. We will consider various directions to explore high-temperature conventional superconductivity at low and ambient pressures.

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