Coherent Manipulations with Ultrafast Pulses and Trapped Ions: Special Seminar given by Wes Campbell

Tue, Feb 8, 2011, 1:30 pm to 3:00 pm
Jadwin 303
The field of quantum information science promises computational methods that are more efficient than classical algorithms for certain calculations. In particular, the use of a well-controlled quantum system to simulate computationally-intense quantum many-body problems is likely to produce nontrivial results in the next couple of years. While still being a leading demonstrated quantum information architecture, the trapped atomic ion processor suffers from impediments to scaling up to more ions from the continuous wave (cw) laser mediated quantum gates that are used to perform the computation. We have recently demonstrated the use of mode-locked pulsed lasers to perform a comprehensive series of quantum information processing tasks (including an entangling gate) that allows us to circumvent the laser-induced decoherence of cw Raman transition based gates. We also realize ultrafast gates where a single laser pulse can drive a high-fidelity single-qubit gate in ~50 ps. Such high-probability population transfer from a broadband laser source opens the door for ultrafast entangling gates and rapid deceleration of atomic and molecular beams. Furthermore, the strong-pulse interactions provide a potential avenue to realize ultrafast entangling gates between multiple qubits that operate without the need to spectroscopically resolve motional sidebands and scale favorably to large numbers of qubits.