Biophysics Seminar Series: Jaume Casademunt, University of Barcelona: Hydrodynamics of epithelia: waves, wetting, and fingering| PCTS Seminar room, Jadwin 407

Fri, Jun 14, 2019, 12:30 am

Collective migration of cohesive groups of cells is a hallmark of the tissue remodeling events that underlie embryonic morphogenesis, wound repair and cancer invasion. In this collective migration, supra-cellular properties such as collective polarization or force generation emerge and eventually control large- scale tissue organization. This suggests that a coarse-grained approach based on a hydrodynamic description of tissues as continuous active materials may shed some light into our understanding of tissue dynamics. Specifically, an appealing open question is to what extent the complex biological regulation at play can be encoded in a series of material parameters within a purely mechanical description. Here we present an overview of hydrodynamic modeling of cell tissues as active polar fluids, and discuss some examples where this approach has been instrumental to elucidate physical mechanisms behind collective cell behavior in epithelia: the occurrence of elastic-like waves, the wetting-dewetting transition in spreading monolayers, and the understanding of morphological instabilities at tissue edges.

Jadwin 407 - PCTS Seminar room
A free lecture open to the public.