Biophysics Seminar: Aleksandra Walczak, École Normale Supérieure de Paris: Response in immune repertories|Joseph Henry Room

Mon, Oct 21, 2019, 12:00 pm
Joseph Henry Room, Jadwin Hall
A free lecture open to the public.

Response in immune repertories

The immune repertoire responds to a wide variety of pathogenic threats. Immune repertoire sequencing experiments give us insight into the composition of these repertoires. Since the functioning of the repertoire relies on statistical properties, statistical analysis is needed to identify responding clones. Using such methods I will describe the repertoire level response to the yellow fever vaccine and immunotherapy among other perturbations. Repertoires are dynamic ensembles and  I will also show how we can distinguish a viral specific response from generic selection using data from patients from HIV. Lastly, I will try to link the phenotypic with genotypic level description and present an experiment that measures antibody-antigen binding in a high-throughput way.