Events Archive

Events Archive

Hamilton Colloquium Series: Gilles Tarjus, LPTMC, CNRS/University Pierre and Marie Curie, France; "The glass transition: a theoretical perspective"

High Energy Physics Experimental Seminar-Erica Brondolin-UNIMIB-"Track reconstruction in the CMS experiment for the High Luminosity LHC"

Pheno & Vino Seminar | Neal Weiner, NYU | "Signals of a Lighter Higgs (?) " | Jadwin 303

HET Seminar at IAS | Andrew Liam Fitzpatrick, Boston University | “Information Loss and Bulk Reconstruction in AdS_3/CFT_2”

HET Seminar | Lorenzo Di Pietro, Perimeter Institute | "Loops in AdS from Hamiltonian approach" | PCTS Seminar Room

Condensed Matter VIDEO Seminar, Antoine Browaeys, Inst. Optique, "Many-body physics with arrays of individual Rydberg atoms" PCTS Seminar Room 407

Gravity Group Lunch Seminar, Niall MacCrann (Ohio State University), "Cosmological constraints from galaxy clustering and weak lensing in the Dark Energy Survey Year 1 data"

Pheno & Vino | Katelin Schutz, UC, Berkeley | "Excluding a thin dark matter disk in the Milky Way with Gaia DR1" | Jadwin 303

HET Seminar | Petr Kravchuk, Caltech | “6j symbols and conformal blocks” | PCTS Seminar Room

Special Simons/PCTS Seminar, Markus Kunesch (Queen Mary University of London) "Investigating singularities with numerical relativity"

HET Seminar at IAS | Roji Pius, Perimeter Institute | "Quantum Closed Superstring Field Theory and the Weil-Petersson Symplectic Geometry"

Condensed Matter Seminar, Jeremy Levy, U. Pittsburgh, "Correlated Nanoelectronics" PCTS Seminar Room 407

HET Seminar | Shira Chapman, Perimeter Institute | "Complexity in holography and QFT" | PCTS Seminar Room

Hamilton Colloquium Series: B. Andrei Bernevig, Princeton University, "Topological Quantum Chemistry"

Physics Group Meeting at IAS | Marcus Spradlin, Brown U; Member, School of Natural Sciences, IAS | “Singularities and the Amplituhedron”

Math Physics Seminar, Herbert Spohn, TU-Munich, "Hydrodynamics of integrable classical and quantum systems" Jadwin 343

Pheno & Vino Seminar | Yu-dai Tsai, Cornell | "Respect the ELDER: New Thermal Target for Dark Matter Direct Detection & Going Beyond with Neutron Star Mergers!" | Jadwin 303

HET Seminar | Matteo Lotito, UCincinnati | "Uncovering flavor of N SCFTs through geometry" | Jadwin A06

HET Seminar | David Lowe, Brown | "Black hole holography and mean field evolution" | PCTS Seminar Room

Condensed Matter Seminar | Cory Dean, Columbia, "Correlated states in bilayer graphene in the quantum Hall regime" | PCTS Seminar Room 407