Events Archive

Events Archive

Special Condensed Matter Seminar | Maciej Koch-Janusz, ETH Zurich | "Machine learning and the renormalization group" | Jadwin 343

Hamilton Colloquium Series: David Poland, Yale University, "Critical Phenomena and the Conformal Bootstrap" Jadwin A10

Pheno & Vino Seminar | Marilena Loverde, Stony Brook | "Light relics in the CMB" | Jadwin 303

HET Seminar at IAS | William Donnelly, Perimeter Institute | "Entanglement Branes and Extended Topological Quantum Field Theory”

HET Seminar | Amos Yarom, Technion & Princeton University | "New constraints on transport from Schwinger Keldysh theory" | PCTS Seminar Room

Gravity Group Lunch Seminar, Mathew Madhavacheril (Princeton) "kSZ cosmology without the optical depth degeneracy"

FPO - Vladimir Kirilin - "Higher spin operators in conformal field theories"

Hamilton Colloquium Series: Mariangela Lisanti, Princeton University, "Dark Matter in Disequilibrium" Jadwin A10

Pheno & Vino Seminar | Cora Dvorkin, Harvard | "Novel Probes of Dark Matter" | Jadwin 303

HET Seminar | Vladimir Narovlansky, Weizmann Institute | "Exact correlation functions in double-scaled SYK" | PCTS Seminar Room

HET Seminar | Masataka Watanabe, University of Tokyo & Kavli IPMU | "The Large Charge Expansion and the Universal Correlation Functions in Rank-1 SCFT" | PCTS Seminar Room

Condensed Matter Seminar | Assa Auerbach, Technion | “Hall number of strongly correlated metals”| PCTS Seminar Room 407

The Quantum Hall Effect: Applied Science's Gift to Fundamental Science

HET Seminar at IAS | Vladimir Rosenhaus, School of Natural Sciences, IAS | “d-dimensional SYK, AdS loops, and 6j Symbols”

FPO - Debayan Mitra "Exploring Attractively Interacting Fermions in 2D Using a Quantum Gas Microscope"

Gravity Group Lunch Seminar: Hans Bantilan (QMUL), "Non-Spherically Symmetric Collapse in Asymptotically AdS Spacetimes"

Hamilton Colloquium Series: Waseem Bakr, Princeton University, "Quantum Gas Microscopy of Strongly Interacting Fermions in Optical Lattices" Jadwin A10

Physics Group Meeting at IAS | Petr Kravchuk, School of Natural Sciences, IAS | “Discussion on the OPE Inversion Formula and Related Topics”

Math Physics Seminar | Michael Kiessling, Rutgers | "Do particles and anti-particles really annihilate each other?" | 343 Jadwin Hall

HET Seminar at IAS | Saso Grozdanov, MIT | “Higher-form Symmetries in Magnetohydrodynamics, Effective Field Theory and Holography”