Events Archive

Events Archive

Physics Group Meeting at IAS | Kyle Cranmer, School of Natural Sciences & University of Maryland | “Information Geometry and Machine Learning as Tools for Phenomenology”

Pheno & Vino Seminar | Gustavo Markes Tavares, U of Maryland | "Detecting dark matter from Supernovae" | Jadwin 303

HET Seminar | Tudor Dimofte, UC Davis | "Higher algebraic structures in SUSY QFT" | PCTS Seminar Room

Biophysics Seminar: Alvaro Sanchez, Yale

Mon, Oct 22, 2018, 12:00 pm

HET Seminar at IAS | Kantaro Ohmori, School of Natural Sciences, IAS | “Continuous 2-group symmetry of 6d N=(1,0) LST and T-dualities”

Gravity Group Lunch Seminar, Rachael Beaton (Princeton) "An Update on an Alternate Route to the Hubble Constant via the Distance Ladder"

Physics Group Meeting at IAS | Daniel Kapec, School of Natural Sciences, IAS | “Soft Particles and Symmetry”

Pheno & Vino Seminar | Keith Dienes, U of Arizona | "Dynamical Dark Matter: A New Framework for Dark-Matter Physics" | Jadwin 303

HET Seminar at IAS | John Schwarz, Caltech | “Tree Amplitudes for Some Supersymmetric Theories in Six Dimensions”

Biophysics Seminar: Simon Sponberg, Georgia Tech

HET Seminar | Avner Karasik, Weizmann Institute | "On the phase diagram of SU(N)XSU(N) gauge theory with bifundamental Fermion" | PCTS Seminar Room

Gravity Group Lunch Seminar, Brandon Hensley (Princeton) "Dust Polarization and the Quest for Primordial B-Modes"

Hamilton Colloquium Series: Timothy Koeth, University of Maryland "The Physicists in the Basement of the High Castle" Jadwin A10

Informal HET Seminar at IAS | Grant Remmen, University of California, Berkeley | “Weak Gravity Conjecture from Black Hole Entropy”

Evnin Public Lecture - Nergis Mavalvala, MIT

Physics Group Meeting at IAS | Juan Maldacena, School of Natural Sciences, IAS | “Review of the KKLT Construction of de-Sitter Vacua of String Theory”

Pheno & Vino Seminar | Christian Boutan, PNNL | "Hunting Dark Matter with the Axion Dark Matter eXperiment (ADMX)" | Jadwin 303

HET Seminar | Miroslav Rapcak, Perimeter Institute | "The Vertex Operator Algebra Vertex" | PCTS Seminar Room

HET Seminar | Martin Kruczenski, Purdue University | “The S-matrix bootstrap for the 2d O(N) non-linear sigma model" | PCTS Seminar Room

Biophysics Seminar: Charles Stevens, The Salk Institute and the Kavli Institute, UCSD