Events Archive

Events Archive

Pheno & Vino Seminar | Simon Knapen, IAS | "Soft signals at the LHC" | Jadwin 303

Biophysics Seminar: Dmitry Rinberg, Neuroscience Institute, NYU Langone Health: Cracking the olfactory code using behavior| Joseph Henry Room

Pheno & Vino Seminar | Da Liu, UC Davis | "Composite Higgs Models at the LHC and beyond" | Jadwin 303

PCTS Special Seminar: "Physics and Energy" Robert L. Jaffe, MIT | 407 Jadwin Hall, PCTS

Pheno & Vino Seminar | Maurizio Pienni, CERN | "Deep Learning facing the High Luminosity LHC challenge" | Jadwin 303

FPO - Sihang Liang - "Transport Properties of Topological Semimetals and Non-Symmorphic Topological Insulator"

Special Seminar-Dicke Candidate-Shaowen Chen-Columbia University-"Tunable Correlated States in Twisted Graphene""-2:00 PM-Jadwin Room 303

HEP Seminar-Dicke Candidate-Karthik Ramanathan-UIC- "Dark Matter Taking Selfies: The DAMIC Experiment"

Biophysics Seminar: Navish Wadhwa, Harvard University:Environmentally regulated self-assembly of the bacterial flagellar motor| Joseph Henry Room

HET Seminar | Alexei Kitaev, Caltech | “Topological Quantum Phases” | Bloomberg Lecture Hall

Gravity Group Lunch Seminar, Satoru Takakura | IPMU (Dicke Candidate) "Measurements of CMB polarization with the polarization modulation technique"

Hamilton Colloquium Series, Thierry Mora,Ecole Normale Supérieure de Paris, "Diversity and Memory in Self-Organised Immune Repertoires"

Dicke Atomic Seminar | Daniel Thrasher, U of Wisconsin | to be announced | Jadwin 303

HEP Seminar-Dicke Candidate-Andre Frankenthal-Cornell-"Dark Matter in the Lab: Probing a Complex Dark Sector with Accelerators"

Physics Group Meeting | Sridip Pal, IAS | "Towards optimal asymptotic spectral gap in 2D unitary GFT" | Bloomberg Hall Physics Library

Pheno & Vino Seminar | Simona Murgia, UC, Irvine | "Gamma-ray observations of M31 and dark matter implications" | Jadwin 303

Dicke-Atomic | Zoe Yan, MIT | "From strongly interacting Bose-Fermi mixtures to ultracold dipolar molecules" | Jadwin 303

HEP Seminar- Dicke Candidate-Shilo Xia-Yale-"Hunting for Neutrinoless Double Beta Decay with Liquid Xenon Detectors"

Gravity Group Seminar, Riccardo Gualtieri | UIUC (Dicke Candidate) "Ballooning and Experimental Cosmology"

Gravity Initiative Lunch, Antonios Tsokaros | University of Illinois "Numerical methods in general relativity and the physics of compact objects"