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Events Archive - Special Seminar

Special Seminar: Christian Schneider, UCLA; "Quantum control as a resource for fundamental physics and technology"

Special Seminar: Jia (Leo) Li, Columbia; "Correlated states in graphene double-layer in the quantum Hall regime"

Special Seminar: Ming Yi, UC-Berkeley; “Fantastic emergent orders and where to find them”

Special Seminar: Giulia Pacchioni, Nature Reviews Physics; "An editor's insight into publishing in Nature journals"

PCTS/Simons Foundation Special Talk “Black-Hole Head-On Collisions in Higher Dimensions”

PCTS/Simons Foundation Special Talk, "Saving the Matter Bounce with Massive Gravity?”

Special Seminar: Shyam Shankar, Yale; “Drives, friction and measurements that preserve quantum coherence”

Special Seminar: Sanfeng Wu, MIT; "Topology and correlations in a monolayer crystal"

Special Seminar: Alexander Burgers, Caltech; "Engineering atom-light interactions in photonic crystal waveguides”

Special Seminar: Hannes Bernien, Harvard; "Quantum LEGOs: Building large quantum systems atom-by-atom"

High Energy Physics Experimental Seminar-Erica Brondolin-UNIMIB-"Track reconstruction in the CMS experiment for the High Luminosity LHC"

Class Day - Meet and mingle with the graduates and their parents.

Physics Group Meeting | Pavel Putrov, Member, School of Natural Sciences, IAS | “Link Invariants and Topological Quantum Matter”

Precision Frontier Seminar | Matthew Low, School of Natural Sciences, IAS | “Prospects for direct detection of the Cosmic Neutrino Background"

The Precision Frontier Seminar | David Pinner, Princeton University | “Light Vector Dark Matter: Inflationary Production & Laboratory Detection”

Special Seminar | Yakir Aharonov, Chapman University | "Time Symmetric Formulation of Quantum Theory"

Next-generation atomic clocks - G. Edward Marti, JILA

New quantum phases of matter in strongly correlated and spin-orbit-coupled metals - John Harter, Caltech

Physics Group Meeting | Matias Zaldarriaga, Faculty, School of Natural Sciences, IAS | “Discussion of MOND and LCDM”

Probing Topological Valley Physics in Bilayer Graphene - Long Ju, Cornell University