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Special Seminar

Title: Physics on Pointe - Merritt Moore - Taplin Auditorium

Vignettes in Physical Mathematics - Natalie Paquette - Joseph Henry Room

Exploring synthetic quantum matter in superconducting circuits

Special Seminar, Nathan Lourie | Dicke Candidate "Sub-arcminute Galactic Polarimetry with the Next Generation Balloon-borne Large-Aperture Submillimeter Telescope (BLAST-TNG)"

Special Seminar, Saptarshi Chaudhuri | Dicke Candidate "Quest for the QCD Axion: DM Radio and Fundamental Limits of Electromagnetic Detection"

Special Seminar- HEP Dicke Candidate-Yi Jia-MIT-"Precision Measurement of Elementary Particle and Nuclei Fluxes in Cosmic Rays with AMS on the International Space Station" (ISS)

Measurement of the fine-structure constant as a test of the Standard Model - Richard Parker, Berkeley

Special Seminar- HEP Dicke Candidate-Karri DiPetrillo-Harvard- "Searching for long-lived particles with displaced vertices in ATLAS"

Special Seminar- HEP Dicke Candidate-Cecile Caillol-CERN-"Characterization of the Higgs Boson with the CMS Detector"

Quantization of heat flow in the fractional quantum Hall regime - Mitali Banerjee, Columbia

Ultracold Molecules in Optical Tweezers Lawrence Cheuk - Harvard University

Special Gravity Initiative Seminar, Fernando Zago (University of Pittsburgh) "Quantum Particle Production Effects on Cosmic Evolution"

Tensor Gauge Theories of Fractons - Michael Pretko, University of Colorado

The Quantum Hall Effect: Applied Science's Gift to Fundamental Science

"Physics from a Firehose, a Rapid Tour of Lecture Demonstrations"

Beyond Space and Time - David Gross - McDonnell A02

Physics Recital

Fri, Apr 27, 2018, 7:00 pm

Special Cosmology Talk, Tyler Natoli (Dunlap Institute) "The South Pole Telescope: From SPTpol to SPT-3G"

Special Seminar: Christian Schneider, UCLA; "Quantum control as a resource for fundamental physics and technology"

Special Seminar: Jia (Leo) Li, Columbia; "Correlated states in graphene double-layer in the quantum Hall regime"