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Atomic Physics Seminar

Atomic Physics Seminar | Tao Wang, Berkeley | "Ultrahigh Sensitivity Magnetometry and its Applications to Dark Matter Researches" | Jadwin 303

Atomic Physics Seminar | Tao Wang, Berkeley | Title to be announced | Jadwin 303

Exploring synthetic quantum matter in superconducting circuits

Atomic Physics Seminar | Nathan Schine, UChicago | "Quantum Hall Physics with Photons"

Polarized neutrons for fundamental physics at China Spallation Neutron Source

Atomic Physics Seminar | Luigi De Marco, U of Colorado | "Fermi Degenerate Polar Molecules: Controlling Chemistry with Quantum Statistics" | Jadwin 303

Atomic Physics Seminar, Vito Giovanni Lucivero, ICFO, "Quantum metrology with high density atomic vapors and squeezed states of light"

Atomic Physics Seminar, Ashok Ajoy, MIT, “Quantum assisted metrology with Nitrogen Vacancy centers in diamond”

Atomic and Nuclear Seminar, Kevin Hickerson, UCLA

Fri, Jul 10, 2015, 12:30 pm to 1:30 pm

Atomic Physics Seminar, Richard Parker, U of Chicago, "First Measurement of the Atomic Electric Dipole Moment of 225Ra"

Special Seminar - Tobias Tiecke, Harvard University, "Nanoscale cavity QED with a single trapped atom"

Atomic Physics Seminar, Chenglin "Charles" Cao, "Searching for Perfect Fluids: Universal Quantum Viscosity in a Unitary Fermi Gas"

Atomic Physics Seminar, Mark Limes, "$^{129}$Xe Relaxation and Rabi Oscillations"

Dicke Fellowship Seminar, Merideth Frey, "Citius, Altius, Fortius – The Quest for Faster Imaging, Higher Resolution, and Stronger Signal in MRI . .

Atomic Physics Seminar - M.Fertl, Paul Scherrer Inst. - A progress report on the neutron electric dipole moment experiment at the Paul Scherrer Inst.

Atomic Physics Seminar - Morgan Hedges, University of Calgary - "Progress Toward Ultra-Long Coherence Times for Rare-earth Ion Quantum Memory"

AMO Seminar - Iannis Kominis, local visitor from the University of Crete - A Bird's Eye View of Spin Coherence

AMO Seminar - Wes Campbell, University of Maryland - Quantum information science with cold ions and molecules

AMO Seminar - Monika Schleier-Smith - A Squeezed Atomic Clock Enabled by Cavity Feedback - Quantum Many-Body Systems Division LMU Munich

AMO Seminar - Building Synthetic Materials from Ultracold Atoms: Quantum Magnetism in an Optical Lattice - Jonathan Simon - Harvard/MIT