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High Energy Theory Seminar - IAS - Philip Schuster, Perimeter Institute - “(Why) Is Helicity Lorentz-Invariant?”

Condensed Matter Seminar - Philip Kim, Columbia University - Bloch, Landau, and Dirac: Hofstadter’s Butterfly in Graphene

Naama Brenner (Technion) "Universal protein distributions in cell populations"

High Energy Theory Seminar - Ofer Aharony, Weizmann Institute - "From 4d dualities to 3d dualities"

Hamilton Colloquium Series - Amir Yacoby, Harvard University - “Quantum Information Processing and Metrology Using Few Electron Spins in Solids”

Mathematical Physics Seminar - Ron Peled, Tel Aviv University - Surface depinning under the two-dimensional hammock potential

High Energy Theory Seminar - Akikazu Hashimoto, University Wisconsin, Madison - "Gravity dual of dynamically broken supersymmetry."

Paul Chaikin (NYU) "Artificial self-replicating stuff"

Mon, Apr 1, 2013, 12:00 pm to 1:00 pm

Hamilton Colloquium Series - Alain Aspect, Institut d'Optique, Palaiseau - "From Einstein's intuition to quantum bits: a new quantum age?"

High Energy Physics Seminar- Michelle Dolinski-Drexel University- "Neutrinoless Double Beta Decay with EXO and Beyond."

High Energy Theory Discussion Seminar - IAS - Graham Kribs, University of Oregon & IAS - Particle Physics post-Moriond: A Discussion

From molecules to development: revealing simple rules of biological clocks - Qiong Yang, Stanford University

High Energy Theory Informal Seminar - IAS - Tomasz Taylor, Northeastern U. - Superstring Amplitudes as a Mellin Transform of Supergravity

High Energy Theory Seminar - Costis Papayeorgakis, Rutgers University - "On the (2,0) theory and 5D SYM"

Condensed Matter Seminar - Andrew Sachrajda, The National Research Council - Coherent Behaviour in a Triple Quantum Dot Circuit

Harnessing the Atom-like Properties of Single Spins in Diamond - Lee C. Bassett, Center for Spintronics and Quantum Computation, University of Califor

Biophysics Seminar - Roman Stocker (MIT) "Spying on the lives of marine microbes: From biophysics to ecology "

High Energy Theory Seminar - IAS - Thomas Dumitrescu, Princeton University - TBA

HET Seminar - IAS - Yuji Tachikawa, Kavli Institute for the Physcs & Mathematics of the Universe - “Yet Another Dual Description for N=1 SQCD”

Special Condensed Matter Seminar - Ville Lahtinen - Condensate-induced transitions and critical spin chains