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High Energy Theory Seminar - IAS - Dionysios Anninos, Stanford University - TBA

High Energy Theory Seminar - IAS - Ben Safdi, Princeton University - “New Predictions for Dark-Matter Direct-Detection Experiments”

Dicke Fellowship Seminar, Merideth Frey, "Citius, Altius, Fortius – The Quest for Faster Imaging, Higher Resolution, and Stronger Signal in MRI . .

Quantum Sciences Seminar Series - Yuimaru Kubo, CEA-Saclay – “Hybrid Quantum Circuit with a Superconducting Qubit and an Electron Spin Ensemble”

Quantum Sciences Seminar - Christopher Eichler, ETH Zurich - "Exploring quantum microwave radiation emitted from superconducting electronic circuits."

High Energy Theory Seminar - Liam McAllister, Cornell University - "The Wasteland of Random Supergravities"

Condensed Matter Seminar, Waseem Bakr, "Synthetic condensed matter systems with ultracold atoms"

Biophysics Seminar Series - Zvonimir Dogic (Brandeis )

Mon, Dec 9, 2013, 12:00 pm to 1:00 pm

High Energy Theory Seminar - Simone Giombi, Princeton University - "One loop tests of higher spin AdS/CFT"

Hamilton Colloquium Series - Emilia Morosan, Rice University: "Exotic superconductivity at the itinerant-to-local moment crossover"

Particle Astrophysics Seminar: Laura Cardani; Sapienza, University of Rome and INFN-Roma, Italy

Math Physics Seminar, Volker Bach, "On the Bogolubov-Hartree-Fock (BHF) Approximation for the Pauli-Fierz Model"

High Energy Physics Seminar-Valentina Dutta-MIT-The Search for a Higgs boson Decaying to Tau Pairs with the CMS Detector

Informal HET Seminar - Geoffrey Compere, Harvard University, "All single-center black holes of N=8 supergravity"

High Energy Theory Seminar - IAS - Anton Kapustin, California Institute of Technology - TBA

Biophysics Seminar Series -Dmitri Chklovskii, Janelia Farm Research Campus

Informal High Energy Theory Seminar - Razieh Pourhasan, Perimeter Institute - "Spacetime Entanglement & Geometric RG flow"

High Energy Theory Seminar - Eva Silverstein, Stanford - "New solutions with accelerated expansion in string theory and applications"

Condensed Matter Seminar, Victor Galitski, "Topological Kondo Insulator"

Special Condensed Matter Seminar, James Murray, "Superconductivity on the brink of spin-charge order in doped honeycomb bilayer"