Events Archive

Events Archive

Pheno & Vino Seminar | Djuna Croon, TRIUMF "Gravitational Waves: a new window onto the Early Universe" | Zoom link -

HET Seminar | Mark Mezei, Stony Brook University | "Fine probes of quantum chaos" | via Zoom

Canceled-Biophysics Seminar: Justin Kinney, Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory: Massively parallel assays, machine learning, and the biophysics of gene regulation|Joseph Henry Room

HET Seminar | Martin Fluder, Princeton University | "The supersymmetric Cardy formula from effective actions" | via Zoom

Physics Recital - to be rescheduled

Thu, Apr 2, 2020, 7:00 pm

HET Seminar | Lakshya Bhardwaj, Harvard University | “Geometry and 5d N=1 QFTs” | via Zoom

Gravity Initiative Lunch, Matthew Heydeman | Princeton GI

Canceled-Biophysics Seminar: Stefano Allesina, The University of Chicago: Predicting coexistence in ecological communities| Joseph Henry Room

HET Seminar | Henry Lin, Princeton University | "Solving Random Matrix Models with Positivity” | via ZOOM

Pheno & Vino | JiJi Fan, Brown University | "Direct detection experiments in the Gaia era" | via Zoom

Gravity Initiative Lunch, Lia Medeiros | IAS

Canceled-Biophysics Seminar: Na Ji, University of California, Berkeley: Imaging the brain at high spatiotemporal resolution|Joseph Henry Room

HET Seminar | Adam Levine, Member, School of Natural Sciences, Institute for Advanced Study | “How to See Everything in the Entanglement Wedge” | via Zoom

HET Seminar | Daniel Harlow, MIT | "Convariant Phase Space with Boundaries" | via ZOOM

Canceled-Biophysics Seminar: Allan Drummond, University of Chicago: Evolution of low-complexity protein regions implicated in biomolecular condensation|Joseph Henry Room

Gravity Group Lunch Seminar, Daniel Dutcher | U. Chicago “Measuring the Polarization of the CMB with SPT-3G”

Condensed Matter Seminar | Adrian Po, MIT | "Symmetry indicators for topological superconductors" | Joseph Henry Room, Jadwin Hall

Mathematical Physics Seminar: Marius Lemm, Harvard University, "Spectral Gaps in Quantum Spin Systems"

Pheno & Vino | Prasnth Shyamsundar, U of Florida | "Quantum computing and machine learning in high energy data analysis" | Jadwin 303

Gravity Initiative Lunch, Martin Lesourd | Harvard BHI “ The Quasi-Local Penrose Inequality and the Hoop Conjecture”