Zigmund Kermish

Zigmund Kermish is a Dicke postdoctoral fellow in the physics department.  His research interests lie in the development of instrumentation for the precise measurements of the cosmic microwave background (CMB) polarization.  

Zigmund obtained his undergraduate degree in physics at Princeton University before going on to the University of California, Berkeley for his PhD work. At Berkeley, he worked with Professor Adrian Lee's research group on developing kilopixel focal plane technologies, culminating in the design, construction and deployment of the POLARBEARexperiment.  

Zigmund continues to work on analysis of data from POLARBEAR.  The collaboration recently published a measurement of the CMB B-modes due to gravitational lensing.

At Princeton, he works with Professor William Jones and his group on the SPIDER instrument.  SPIDER is a balloon-borne polarimeter designed to measure the B-mode polarization from inflationary gravitational waves.  Zigmund helps manage the multi-institution integration effort of the cryogenic vessel, millimeter receivers, and pointing systems for SPIDER.  He also works on the calibration of the instrument in preparation for its first flight in December 2014.

Selected publications:

  • POLARBEAR Collaboration (2013), “A Measurement of the Cosmic Microwave Background B-Mode Polarization Power Spectrum at Sub-Degree Scales with POLARBEAR”  arXiv:1403.2369, submitted
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Selected conference proceedings:

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