Dicke Fellows

The Princeton University Physics Department has established a postdoctoral program for exceptional recent Ph.D. recipients in experimental physics. Each year, up to two scholars are selected through an annual competition for appointments of a three-year duration. In addition to salary and benefits, the program provides a discretionary fund. In recognition of Princeton physicist Robert Dicke, whose generosity enabled this program, the scholars are called "Dicke Fellows."

All Dicke fellows are provided with competitive salary and benefits. In addition, the program will provide a discretionary fund of $9,000 per year for each scholar

Princeton has experimental research programs in Atomic Physics, Biophysics, Condensed Matter Physics, Cosmology & Gravitation, High Energy Physics, and Particle Astrophysics.

For consideration, please visit the current competition.  The deadline for application is October 21, 2022.  To submit your application, please visit the Physics Job Application Site.  



Dinner with the Dicke Fellows
Dinner with the Dicke Fellows

Dicke Fellows



Ako Jamil
Kiley Kennedy


Kevin Keomanee-Dizon
Tiancheng Song


Andre Frankenthal
Zoe Yan


Saptarshi Chaudhuri
Andi Tan

Xanthe Croot
Claudio Savarese
William Terrano

Monika Scholz
Anthony Sigillito

Isobel Ojalvo
Marius Lungu

Steven Benton
Graham Giovanetti - now Assistant Professor at Williams College
Peter Schauss

Laura Cardani
Christopher Eichler

Benjamin Feldman
Masayuki Wada

Zigmund Kermish - Cosmology - now Insights Manager / Senior Data Scientist at Spotify
Sue Ann Koay - High Energy now at Janelia Research
Biagio Rossi - Dark Matter 
Akito Kusaka - Cosmology  - now Senior Scientist at Berkley Labs
Seth Zenz - Particle Physics - now at Queen Mary in London

Haim Beidenkopf - Condensed Matter Experiment - now Professor at WASP
Hernan Garcia - Biophysics - now Assistant Professor at UC Berkeley

Cynthia Chiang - Cosmology
Alex Wright - Astroparticle Physics - now Assistant Professor at Queens University