Marvin "Murph" Goldberger

Prof. Marvin "Murph" Goldberger was a professor in the Physics Department from 1957 until 1978 and was its Chair from 1970 to 1976. In the interview, Murph recounts his career to retired Dean Ernie Mort from UCSD. The filming was done by Prof. Ken Watson also from UCSD. We thank Ken and Murph's son, Joel Goldberger, for letting us share this.

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A message from Wick Haxton, UC Berkeley

Dear Colleagues,
I am very sorry to have to inform you that our friend and colleague Marvin "Murph" Goldberger passed away on November 26, 2014. He was 92. His distinguished career in theoretical physics and academia included time at the University of Chicago, Princeton University, and Caltech, where he served as Caltech's fifth president.