Climate & Inclusion

Responsibilities of the committee:

The Climate and Inclusion committee is responsible for assessing and improving the working environment in the physics department, creating an atmosphere where all members feel welcome and are able to realize their full potential.   The committee solicits input from department members and examines practices adopted by other departments within Princeton, using this information to formulate recommendations to the department's leadership.   The committee draws its members from across the department, including two faculty, two postdocs, two staff members, and two graduate students.


Some current projects of the Committee

  • Policy on Professional Conduct
  • Updating department iconography to better reflect the diversity of the Physics community
  • Developing AI training to foster inclusive teaching
  • Providing instructors with resources to promote inclusive teaching
  • Assessing climate for prospective undergraduate majors
  • Researching best practices to increase diversity in graduate admissions 
  • Increasing diversity in purchasing
  • Establishing anonymous departmental feedback (see form below)

If you have anything you would like to report, feedback, suggestions, or experiences you would like to share with the committee, please take our anonymous survey here.  All responses are sent directly to committee member Regina Savadge, and from there they will be evaluated and sent to the Chair and Department Manager in the Physics department (or will be discussed with the committee).  We take all responses very seriously and endeavor to handle any departmental issues internally, but if you would prefer to use University resources you have many options you can consider: 



Other helpful resources:


Committee members for 2018/19

Dan Marlow - Chair
Stevie Bergman
Ted Lewis
Chris Palmer
Regina Savadge
Monika Schulz
Suzanne Staggs
Ben Weiner



Stevie Bergman

Office: 253 Jadwin

Theodore H. Lewis III

  • Purchasing Administrator
Phone: 609-258-4328
Office: A18 Jadwin Hall

Daniel R. Marlow

  • Professor of Physics
Evans Crawford 1911 Professor of Physics Teaching
Phone: 609-258-4383
Office: 381 Jadwin Hall

Christopher Palmer

  • Associate Research Scholar
Office: 346 Jadwin Hall

Regina Savadge

  • Administrative Services Manager
Phone: 609-258-0757
Office: 206 Jadwin Hall

Suzanne T. Staggs

Suzanne Staggs
  • Professor of Physics

Henry DeWolf Smyth Professsor of Physics

Phone: 609-258-5930
Office: 260 Jadwin Hall

Benjamin Weiner

Office: 236 ICAHN