Ambassadors Program


The Ambassadors are a group of graduate students dedicated to supporting applicants to Princeton Physics. First and foremost, we’re your points-of-contact for any questions, comments, or concerns that arise during the application process. Throughout the year, we host public webinars and Q&A panels to introduce students to a range of topics surrounding graduate school. We also coordinate the Prospective Physics Ph.D. Preview (P4), a program focused on helping early undergraduates get involved with research, understand life as a graduate student, and build successful graduate applications. 

For more details about the Ambassador’s program, please visit the ambassadors website at


About us:

The Princeton Physics Ambassadors program was organized in the EDI Graduate Recruitment group, whose activities generally address the following question: how can we increase the number of URM students applying, admitted, and matriculated into Princeton Physics? Accordingly, the Ambassadors are focused on recruiting: 

  • Strong applicants who underrate their competitiveness or are not considering Princeton
  • Applicants who would be strong with guidance about the GREs and/or application process
  • Applicants who would be strong with research outside their institutions

A trial run of the Ambassadors program was conducted throughout the 2020-2021 academic year, yielding insights and materials crucial to future Ambassadors efforts. Beginning in Fall 2021, the Ambassadors program is an official, department-sponsored program.