Ambassadors Program


The Ambassadors are a group of graduate students dedicated to supporting applicants to Princeton Physics. First and foremost, we’re your points-of-contact for any questions, comments, or concerns that arise during the application process. Throughout the year, we host public webinars and Q&A panels to introduce students to a range of topics surrounding graduate school. We also coordinate the Prospective Physics Ph.D. Preview (P4), a program focused on helping early undergraduates get involved with research, understand life as a graduate student, and build successful graduate applications. 

For more details about the Ambassador’s program, please visit the ambassadors website at


Prospective Physics PhD Preview (P4) Program

We at Princeton Physics would like to invite you to apply for the P4 (Prospective Physics PhD Preview) program, a workshop organized by the Princeton Physics Ambassadors. P4 will focus on giving you the tools to engage in physics research, identify your ideal graduate programs, and develop a competitive graduate application. Along the way, the P4 Scholars will interact with graduate students, postdocs, and faculty from Princeton’s Physics Department. The workshop will run between January 28-30th, 2022, so mark your calendars! 


To be eligible for P4, you must currently be in your freshman, sophomore, or junior undergraduate year. P4 Scholars will be selected to represent a diverse set of backgrounds and interests. Sophomores and juniors with a strong interest in physics will be prioritized, particularly those who are struggling to overcome barriers (systematic or otherwise) in their path through physics. We especially welcome students from historically underrepresented groups to apply for this program. 


To apply, please submit this form by 11:59PM ET on Sunday, November 7th.
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Portions of the P4 program will be publicly broadcasted; to receive an invitation to this public programming, you only need to fill out the first section of this form. To apply to be a P4 Scholar and participate in live workshops with members of the Princeton Physics community, please complete all sections of this form. 

Please feel free to reach out to with any questions, comments, or concerns. 

About us:

The Princeton Physics Ambassadors program was organized in the EDI Graduate Recruitment group, whose activities generally address the following question: how can we increase the number of URM students applying, admitted, and matriculated into Princeton Physics? Accordingly, the Ambassadors are focused on recruiting: 

  • Strong applicants who underrate their competitiveness or are not considering Princeton
  • Applicants who would be strong with guidance about the GREs and/or application process
  • Applicants who would be strong with research outside their institutions

A trial run of the Ambassadors program was conducted throughout the 2020-2021 academic year, yielding insights and materials crucial to future Ambassadors efforts. Beginning in Fall 2021, the Ambassadors program is an official, department-sponsored program.