PhD. Theses

PhD. Theses 2020

Sihang Liang Transport Properties of Topological Semimetals and Non-Symmorphic Topological Insulator
Yunqin Zheng Tensor Network States, Entanglement, and Anomalies of Topological Phases of Matters
Sonia Zhang Topology in Quantum Magnets and Superconductors
Jaan Altosaar Probabilistic Modeling of Structure in Science: Statistical Physics to Recommender Systems

Yale Fan

Topological Structures in Supersymmetric Gauge Theories

Christian Jepsen Physics of the Ultrametric
Akshay Yelleshpur Srikant On-shell methods and positive geometry
Sanjay Moudgalya New Forms of Ergodicity Breaking in Quantum Many-Body Systems
Luca Iliesiu On Two-Dimensional Quantum Gravity
Jingjing Lin Transport Properties of Topological Chalcogenides under Pressure
Justin Ripley General relativity and its classical modification in gravitational collapse
Alexey Milekhin Quantum mechanical systems with holographic duals
Jiaqi Jiang Selected problems in quantum field theory in different dimensions
Zheng Ma Generation and Structural Characterization of Non-Hyperuniform and Hyperuniform Disordered Systems
Tong Gao Thermal Transport Properties of Quantum Spin Liquid Materials
JaeUk Kim Hyperuniformity of Point Patterns and Two-Phase Composite Media
Kelvin Mei A Search for Scalar Top Quarks in Final States with High Jet Multiplicity and a Lepton with the CMS detector at the Large Hadron Collider
Laura Chang Dark Matter in the Milky Way
Yaqiong Li Probing the Cosmic Microwave Background Radiation Using Large Superconducting Detector Arrays
Xiaowen Chen Statistical Physics Approaches to Collective Behavior in Networks of Neurons
Trithep Devakul Subdimensional Topological Quantum Phases of Matter

PhD. Theses 2021

Felix Borjans Long-Range Coupling of Electron Spins

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