PhD. Theses

PhD. Theses 2024

Nicholas QuirkTransport Experiments on Topological and Strongly Correlated Conductors
Leander ThieleGetting ready for new Data: Approaches to some Challenges in Cosmology
Jingyao WangTwo Approaches for Nuclear Spin Co-magnetometry
Remy DelvaSimulation of Measurement-Based Entanglement in Silicon Spin Qubits
Cheng-Li ChiuVisualizing Interactions in Two-Dimensional Systems: Exploring Symmetry-Breaking States and Partially Filled Landau Levels
Kaiwen ZhengImplementing a Novel Readout System for the Simons Observatory
Saumya ShivamAspects of Dynamics in Models of Interacting Classical and Quantum Systems
Charles GuinnHeterogeneous Architectures for Superconducting Quantum Computing
Stephanie KwanSearch for exotic Higgs decays to light neutral scalars in final states with bottom quarks and tau leptons
Roman KolevatovFrom Models of the Early Universe to Developing Experiments for Axionic Dark Matter Detection
Gillian KoppEnabling Novel LLP Searches through 5D Calorimetry with the Compact Muon Solenoid Experiment at the Large Hadron Collider
Nicholas HaubrichCross-section Measurements of VH->bb at 13 TeV with CMS
Zheyi ZhuPhase sensitive transport measurements on exotic superconductors
Yuhan WangFrom Lab to Sky: Advancing CMB Research with the Simons Observatory and Atacama Cosmology Telescope
Benjamin SparProgrammable Fermi-Hubbard Physics in Optical Tweezers and Lattices
Shuo MaQuantum Computing with Neutral Yb Atom Arrays
Michael OnyszczakFar-Infrared Spectroscopy of Quantum Materials at Millikelvin Temperatures
Maksim LitskevichDiscovery of novel topological order in quantum spin-orbit materials

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