PhD. Theses

PhD. Theses 2022

Xinwei Yu The computational tools for whole-brain imaging and the neural dynamics of behaviors in C. elegans
Sherry Song Integration and Analysis of the Balloon-borne Telescope, SPIDER
Kyle Luther Generating invariant representations with cortex-inspired models of unsupervised learning
Nana Shumiya Topological Kagome Magnets and Superconductors: A View with Scanning Tunneling Spectro-Microscopy
Henry Lin Towards the Black Hole Interior
Wenli Zhao Symmetry Breaking in Melonic Models
Peter Czajka Exotic Thermal Transport in a Kitaev Magnet
Himanshu Khanchandani Quantum Field theory at the Boundary
Alan Morningstar Thermalization and localization in isolated many-body quantum systems
Fang Xie Interacting Electrons In Twisted Graphene Moiré Lattices
Samuel Higginbotham A Search for Higgs Decay to Pseudoscalar Higgs-like Particles at CMS
Grace C. McKenzie-Smith Behavior in High Resolution
Matthew Moschella Testing the Fundamental Properties of Dark Matter
Wonjae Lee Ultra-High Sensitivity Atomic Magnetometers
Akash Goel Investigations of Holographic Duality in Two Dimensions
Adam Mills High Fidelity Operation of Si/SiGe Spin Qubit Devices
Seth Olsen Detecting and characterizing binary black hole merger signals with new methods in gravitational wave data analysis
Erin Healy The Universal Focal-plane Module for Simons Observatory

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