Core Courses

Below is a list of the core courses. They are divided in four groups, and students are required to take and pass (at least) one course in each group, within the first two years of study. Thus minimally, a student needs to pass four core courses. A passing grade is a B or higher: In other words, B, B+, A-, A, and A+ are the passing grades.

Quantum Mechanics/Quantum Field Theory

  • PHY 506 Quantum Mechanics
  • PHY 509 Relativistic Quantum Theory I
  • PHY 510 Relativistic Quantum Theory II
  • PHY 529* Introduction to High Energy Physics

Condensed Matter/Biophysics/Atomic Physics

  • PHY 525 Introduction to Condensed Matter Physics I
  • PHY 526 Introduction to Condensed Matter Physics II
  • PHY 551 Atomic Physics
  • PHY 561 or  562 Biophysics

General Relativity/High Energy Physics

  • PHY 523 Introduction to General Relativity
  • PHY 524 Advanced Topics in General Relativity
  • PHY 529* Introduction to High Energy Physics

*Please note that PHY 529 can count as either the Quantum Mechanics/Quantum Field Theory requirement or the General Relativity/High Energy Physics requirement, but not both.

Career Development

  • Phy 502 Communicating Physics Course

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