The general theory of relativity as it relates to the observed universe: A celebration of the 2019 Nobel Prize to Jim Peebles

On Thursday, October 27, 2022 the Princeton University Department of Physics will host a series of talks on the general theory of relativity as it relates to the observed universe and, as part of that, to celebrate the 2019 Nobel Prize to Jim Peebles. The day will feature a series of six talks from Suzanne Staggs (Princeton), Bill Jones (Princeton), Vicky Kaspi (McGill University), David Hogg (NYU), Frans Pretorius (Princeton), and Jim Peebles (Princeton).

Pictures from the event

10:00 am, Jadwin A10   Herman Verlinde, Princeton: Opening remarks
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10:15 am, Jadwin A10   Bill Jones, Princeton: "Uncertain Measurements, compared to Uncertain Predictions"
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11:00 am, Jadwin A10   Suzanne Staggs, Princeton: "CMB Then and Now"
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01:15 pm, McDonnell A02   Frans Pretorius, Princeton: "Open Questions on the Dynamics of Black Holes"
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02:00 pm, McDonnell A02   David W. Hogg, NYU: "What do we know about the formation of large-scale structure and how could we possibly ever know that?"
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03:15 pm, McDonnell A02   Victoria Kaspi, McGill University: "The Time Domain or Life in the Fast Lane"
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04:00 pm, McDonnell A02   James Peebles, Princeton: "Thoughts About Physical Cosmology: Past, Present, and Future"
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Location: Jadwin A10 (morning session) and McDonnell A02 (afternoon session).
Program / agenda (10 am - 5 pm with Prof. Peebles talk at 4 pm. Check the program/agenda link for updates.)
Livestream link: Starting Oct. 24 the talks will be included in "upcoming events."

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